An afterlife is a dangerous place and for a brand new soul trying to escape purgatory, it is even scarier. 

Collect your life's story scattered throughout the dungeon to help a poor lost soul pass on.


E- Use Ladder

Space Bar- Fire

WASD- Movement


  • Randomly Generated Levels
  • 12 unique mobs 
  • 20+ healing items 
  • 3 weapon types with much more to come
  • crisp pretty pixel art
  • 3 unique boss fights that are randomly generated 

Tips and Tricks

Ladders randomly generate a rooms contents and will reset a room on use.

Use holes to navigate the dungeon holes do not randomly generate and have set locations you will fall to using them will allow you to transverse the dungeon quickly and effectively.

Food items heal you so use these to stay alive during your journey.


Art by 0x72

Programming and Game Design by Kody Stone

Banner Art by RoyRuby#5438 

Special Thanks to OddHeader and the awesome community in his Discord!


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This is fun. 

P.S The Game Test

Just tried it, seem to die awfully fast but maybe I just need to practice more.

hey thanks for the feedback i can up the health if its an issue!

I’d have to play it more to see if it’s just me but it could help. 


Thanks for allowing claims and making the game free on release; I hope the feedback you receive is useful for your future projects :)

Of course hope you enjoy the game!