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Welcome to Cold Lake, a small village filled with dark secrets. Solve the mystery of the murders plaguing this town before it’s too late. Your life may depend on it.

Made in Unreal Engine 4 as a short interactive fiction.


Art by Ansimuz and Kody Stone

Music by Pascal Belisle

Level Design and Programming by Kody Stone

Written by Chase Rhodes 


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hope the next chapter will be out soon anough


This was a cool little game. I've been wanting to create a 2D Lovecraftian game for a long time. Seeing this gives me hope. I'm using either UE4 or Godot for mine. Godot seems like it would fit my game better, but I want to use UE4 for future projects and UE4 can do pretty much do anything Godot can. I'm really not sure though.

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Hey thanks for the comment! Keep at it and im sure you'll be able to create something in either  Godot or UE4,  While I used ue4 for this many other engines might have been better. Something like Game Maker Studio 2 or Gotdot for as simple as the game is but I enjoy ue4 so ive stuck with it! 

Good luck and feel free to find me in the Discord to chat more!

Kody Stone | Developer#5892


The art is beautiful, looking forward to seeing what you do with it!


This was okay. There were a lot of texture glitches. And going in a door was the same button as jump, and I still jumped. That just seems like game design 101 to not do that.

lol i feel like such a dummy just checked it out further and found a random input in the project settings for jumping aside from the standard one. thanks again for the feedback and have a wonderful day!


An interesting game. I like the graphic style, it looks very nice. The problem i have is that you don't need to do much to "win". i just kinda bumbled through it.  

Its mostly just a story game not meant to have winners or losers just telling a small story.


Looks interesting